2013 Advancement Peer Study

Once again, Gary Hoag and I teamed up to create a presentation for the 2013 Advancement Peer Study. The study was commissioned by Jay Mansur at Asbury Theological Seminary. Gary gathers the data and writes a report. Then, he and I collaborate on the creation of a presentation of the data. The collaboration process is a lot of fun and always brings out a few new interesting pieces of information. In this year’s study it was the “sent less mail” section.

As in previous years, we created the presentation so that peer schools would have a tool which could be used to share the data to their various stakeholders. We gathered the group of schools at the 2013 ATS DIAP conference and that enabled us to learn even more from the peers in the room.

As always, I felt this experience was a great opportunity to not only serve my peers, but also to learn a great deal about what is working at various evangelical schools within ATS. We are all part of the system of theological education so it was great to share data and learn from each other.

Technical Details: I created presentation graphics Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Prezi is the tool I used to present the graphics.


(If the Prezi doesn’t appear, try refreshing your browser. Prezi’s embedding feature is a little slow sometimes, sorry).


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