After three years of doing the Advancement Peer Study, I decided it would be great to create a similar study based upon data from enrollment management. Fortunately, Keven Bish, VP of Enrollment Management at Asbury Seminary, felt the same way. We happened to meet at the Sentralized Conference in Kansas City and the idea was formed out of that meeting. We gathered nine schools, collected the data, enlisted Gary Hoag and ended up with the our first Enrollment Management Peer Study. The schools that participated in the study (along with a few other schools) attended a gathering of senior enrollment management professionals at the 2013 ATS DIAP Conference in February, 2013. It was a phenomenal experience. Gary Hoag created a report which served as the foundation for the presentation (thanks for all your work, Gary!).

It was great to be in a room with kingdom-minded people who are trying to work together to enhance their schools.

Technical Details: I created presentation graphics Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Prezi is the tool I used to present the graphics.


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