November 2013

How 80% = 41%

If your school retains 80% of its Master of Divinity students from one academic year to the next, that means your graduation rate may somewhere around 41% – which isn’t a great graduation rate. At the ATS CFOS Conference this week, we learned that according to ATS estimations the average MDiv student in an ATS…

Moving Beyond Product Innovation: How Integrated Innovation Builds Institutional Strength

When we talk about innovation in theological education, the conversation seems to hover around the topic of developing new academic programs, different degrees, or new content delivery methods. Henson will discuss opportunities to innovate in ways that can bring dramatic shifts and improvements to theological education as well as changing operational dynamics for individual schools….

What Does Integration Look Like

On February 3, 2014, I will begin serving as the 12th President of Sioux Falls Seminary, an evangelical seminary in Sioux Falls, South Dakota which was founded by the North American Baptist denomination in 1858.  Sioux Falls Seminary made an announcement about my appointment this morning, and Northern’s announcement followed soon after. I look forward…