Schools are continually struggling with the fact that students are taking less and less credit hours per year. Northern has embraced the fact that most of its students are part-time students and we have adjusted our systems and processes to account for the needs of the part-time student. However, our data shows that students need to take a certain number of courses per year in order to have a realistic chance of graduating. Therefore, we strive to get students to take at least 18 hours (6 courses) per academic year. Since 2007-2008, we have increased the number of hours taken per masters student by 12%. Along with Kevin Bish from Asbury Theological Seminary, I lead a workshop on the topic of increasing student hours. Kevin’s and my presentation was held during a gathering of senior enrollment management professionals at the 2013 ATS DIAP Conference. Kevin talked about his efforts at Asbury and I shared about Northern. The content in the Prezi below is only my portion of the presentation. You can contact Kevin if you would like his section.

Date first Presented: February 21, 2013
Event: 2013 ATS DIAP Conference (SEMP Gathering)


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