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For the 2012 DIAP Conference, the Steering Committee, for which I served as Chair, thought it would be nice to have a few new promotional elements. Some of those were the videos you can find below. I created them for a few reasons.

1) We were launching a few new learning formats at the conference and I felt they could best be described through video.

2) The videos could provide a “fun” and “relational” feel to the promotional plans for the conference.

3) Finally, I felt the videos would add a nice alternative to the text of a promotional PDF. The videos could be included as links within the registration PDF.

DIAP 2012

Discussion Huddles


Networking at DIAP

Technical Details: The videos were created using Prezi, Camtasia, Audacity, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Firefox. The graphic design was completed in collaboration with David Pohlmeier at Rhyolite Design (the best graphic designer I know).

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