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My name is Greg Henson. I write most of the blogs you read here and I serve as President at Kairos University.

I am passionate about the Church. It is God’s change-agent and theological education is simply part of what the Church should be doing. I serve at Kairos because I believe we can positively impact the Church. In order for theological education to be relevant, accessible, and affordable, I believe we need to create very integrated systems which involve more than the work of a university.

At home, I serve as husband to Heather Henson and father to Lydia, Isaac, Junia, and Priscilla. I love being with my family and serving alongside my wife in any ministry capacity possible. In my free time, I love mountain biking, rock climbing, basketball, and pretty much anything that could be defined as a high-energy activity. I also love to learn new things and create new possibilities. It is my belief that there is almost always a better way to do anything. I strive to make new things happen on a daily basis and it keeps me quite engaged in an ongoing process of learning, doing, and reflecting.

In case you want to know what I have studied or where I have completed various parts of my education, here is some more information for you. I have a B.S. in Business Administration from William Jewell College with emphases in Leadership and Nonprofit Management. In addition, I pursued emphases in Music and Religion. They didn’t have an emphasis in Rock Climbing, but I am sure I would have been close to one of those as well. My MBA is from Benedictine University where I focused on the relationship between organizational development, innovation, and marketing (something I call Integrated Organizational Development). My DMin is from Sioux Falls Seminary and my doctoral work focused on the intersection of theology, innovation, and organizational practices. It culminated in a collection of resources seminaries and Christian Universities can use to foster fresh expressions of theological education.

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