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The Millennial Generation and the Future of the Church

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As a Millennial, I like to say that the Millennial Generation is *not* the future of the church. Much has been written about the my Generation and how the church should respond to it. In this presentation I gave at the Omaha Youth Leaders Network, we looked at data about the Millennial Generation and emerging adults. Over the past ten to 15 years, there has been an interesting overlap between research on each of those topics. Rather than cater to a generation, which basically continues the trend of turning the church into a commodity that people can consume, I believe we need to think about what a fresh expression of the church might be in light of our understanding of God’s Kingdom mission. In doing so, we may find that the future of the church is different than we might have expected.

If you want information about the source of this data, please let me know and I’d be happy to give it to you. Christian Smith’s book, Lost in Transition, created a foundation for much of this presentation. Heather Henson’s doctoral thesis on identity development in young adults was another strong source (Yes, she’s my wife so it was easy to access that information!).

Date first Presented: March 17, 2016
Event: Omaha Youth Leaders Network.

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